Our Department is the heart and soul of the state.
We cultivate the state’s civic engagement and boost local economies through the lens of heritage, art, and humanities.


Everyday our work directly impacts individuals and communities. Through grants and professional services, we help organizations throughout the state to improve their communities, attract tourists, and boost economic development through the arts, history, culture, reading,  science and math and volunteerism. While our programs are critical to the economic wellbeing of cities and towns throughout Utah they are also critical to wellbeing of the individual.

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Life In Utah

If your idea of an office with a view includes looking out over the majestic mountain ranges or a fabulous city skyline, then Utah is the place for you! Utah is also ranked as the best managed State in the Country.

The State of Utah offers a myriad of activities and excitement year-round. So whether you are a rugged, solitude-seeking explorer, aspiring downhill skier or a family seeking tranquility, the vast and varied landscape of Utah has something for everyone to enjoy. Aside from Utah being the perfect summer destination for backpacking, biking , golfing and fishing; it is home to several famous National Parks including Arches, Canyonlands and Zion. You can also take advantage of the esteemed shopping, restaurants and nightlife that our state has to offer.

The fail offers breath-taking scenic ventures; winter brings a full array of holiday activities and spectacles, including the prominent lights at Temple Square.

Utah is also home to 13 world-class ski and snowboard resorts; 11 of which, are located within an hour of Salt Lake City. It's easy to see why Forbes recently ranked Salt Lake City among the top places to retire in. If you're looking for a place where you can ski in the morning and play a round of golf later in the same day, then come check out the perks that come from working and living in Utah, and you will understand why Utah's people and economy are flourishing.

“Increasingly, research demonstrates that arts, culture, museums, libraries and the like are not ‘nice to have’ in local communities, they are the very amenities talented individuals seek out, and therefore companies look for as they decide where to locate and where to expand.”

Theresa Foxley
President and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah