We are the Utah Department of Cultural & Community Engagement.

New Name. Better Alignment.

The Utah Department of Heritage & Arts officially became the Utah Department of Cultural & Community Engagement (CCE) on May 5, 2021.

This name change better reflects who we are as a department, and it brings common goals to the forefront as it aligns us as a family of divisions.

Just as the name Cultural and Community Engagement better reflects our work in name, the logo has to do that plus carry the successes we have had over the last few years through the visual recognition we’ve gained publicly and within government.

Instead of creating a divergent new logo, we evolved the current design to reflect how we have overlapped our divisions’ disciplines, how we are community-focused, and how we as a department describe ourselves. We want the logo to communicate that our efforts can shift and ignite creativity, innovation, preservation, and belonging when our grants and programs infuse a collective group of individuals.

This new logo honors who we are as a team, how our programs are stronger when we collaborate, and how we can enter a community, a place or an individual’s life and be a catalyst for a better future.