Healthy Together infographic showing how people can record their symptoms and get tested.

Utah’s Healthy Together App

To help track the spread of COVID-19, Gov. Gary Herbert and state officials have introduced Utah’s Healthy Together mobile app. It is available from the App StoreGoogle Play, or

Many from the community partnered together to create an app to provide real-time data on the spread of COVID-19. Mobile app users will be able to take daily personal health assessments, determine their level of risk, schedule testing with their provider or a TestUtah site, and obtain next steps for care. 

Additionally, the app enables a robust contact tracing effort where local health departments can help understand where the patients may have contracted the virus and to whom they may have spread it. As the app moves from its beta form, additional capabilities will be provided which will allow users to receive geographical information designating areas with high concentrations of positive COVID-19 cases and potential point of contact transmissions, in addition to direct communication from the State of Utah. This tool will allow users to make more informed decisions about how to protect themselves and those they come in contact with to deter the spread of COVID-19.

Extensive data protection policies have been implemented to safeguard users’ data, including the following: (1) users opt-in, choose what data they would like to share, and can delete their own data at any time; (2) location data is automatically deleted after 30 days; (3) data can be used only for COVID-19 related purposes; (4) data is securely stored with the Utah Department of Health, and; (5) only public health officials will have access (if permitted by user) to personal information for purposes of contact tracing. 

Please download the app and invite family, friends, and colleagues to do the same. Every individual who downloads and uses the app will help us to stop the spread of COVID-19 and reactivate the economy. It will be a vital tool as we move into the stabilization phase and toward recovery and hopefully save summer.