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Our department has over 150 passionate professionals across our seven divisions and two offices. We encourage participation from both our staff and the residents of Utah to shape the future of the state through the the power of arts and culture. As such, one of our primary functions is to align programmatic efforts to activate the social and civic engagement needed to cultivate creativity, reinforce a sense of belonging, and encourage collaboration. Each division's work positively impacts individuals, communities, and ultimately the intangible heart of the state.

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Utah Arts & Museums seeks to advance the quality of life for all through arts experiences and cultural opportunities. The division provides more than 500 outreach services, including arts education, professional development, exhibitions, community outreach, and direct matching grants to schools, local arts agencies, organizations, community centers, performing groups, museums, and individuals across Utah.


The Utah State Library works to develop, advance, and promote library services and equal access to information and library resources to all Utah residents.

The Utah State Library is the primary leadership resource for librarians, while providing equal access to information and enduring services for citizens.


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UServeUtah, the Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism, was created by state statute in 1994 and is comprised of 20 members representing local government, community-based organizations, and statewide networks, as well as eight staff. As the state's central coordinating body for service and volunteerism, the commission is responsible for developing, implementing, and sustaining a vision and culture of civic engagement and national and community service within the state.

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The Office of Multicultural Affairs works to connect communities and changemakers who are building a thriving state through elevating conversation, action, and outcomes around bridging gaps. We are invested in creating a thriving state for all. Our division was created by executive order in January 2012, and our work is built around five pillars: youth leadership; training resources and development; community investment; policy and research; and community engagement.


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The Commission on State Indian Affairs was created in 1953 when the Utah State Legislature passed the “Indian Affairs Act.” It is currently  staffed by the director, program manager, and administrative assistant.

The mission of the Division of Indian Affairs is to promote positive intergovernmental relations and the government-to-government relationship between the state and the eight sovereign American Indian tribes recognized within the state of Utah.

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In 1897, public-spirited Utahns organized the Utah State Historical Society in order to expand public understanding of Utah's past. Today, the Utah Division of State History administers the society and as part of its statutory obligations, publishes the Utah Historical Quarterly, which has collected and preserved Utah's unique history since 1928.

The division also collects materials related to the history of Utah, assists communities, agencies, building owners, and consultants with state and federal processes regarding archaeological and historical resources, administers the ancient human remains program, makes historical resources available in a specialized research library, offers extensive online resources and grants, and assists in public policy and the promotion of Utah's rich history.


The Utah STEM Action Center, established by the Utah State Legislature in 2013,  prioritizes STEM education to develop Utah’s workforce of the future. STEM Action Center programs drive research and implementation of STEM education best practices statewide by coordinating STEM-related activities, creating and supporting STEM education, facilitating educator access to education tools, and aligning public STEM education with higher-education STEM activities.



The Utah State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) was created after the passage of the federal National Historic Preservation Act in 1966. Commonly called just, SHPO, we are the nexus of Utah's historic preservation programming through assisting state and federal agencies, local communities and private property owners through various initiatives, programs, grants and technical assistance.  Our mission is to promote, conserve, and protect Utah's diverse and awe-inspiring cultural heritage through community collaboration.



The Legislature passed the Utah Professional Athletic Commission Act in July 2001. The commission regulates professional unarmed combat sports, including boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. The law requires licensing for promoters, managers, contestants, seconds, referees, and judges. Fees collected by the commission help offset the cost of regulating unarmed sports in the state.

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